What’s the Deal With Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shoppers are licensed to perform the job, and are working for a company with a private investigators license. They are given the responsibility and the freehand to go about with their task that is why a certain level of professionalism is required for them to be effective. They act as an ambassador representing the other customers whose complaints are never heard. The mystery shopping company does not charge any fees to the registered shopper. Everything is for free – the training, shopping opportunities, tips for improvement. It is the mystery shopper who is supposed to get paid with a pre-arranged fee depending on the shop being visited, and is reimbursed of the expenses on the purchase made during shopping. Although it is possible to earn a living as mystery shopper, the pay is just enough to pay your meals and a few products.

The process of becoming a mystery shopper has improved. Most of the mystery shopping companies provide an online registration process which can only take a few minutes to accomplish. You can register with more than one company. Once the registration is completed, they will be informing you through telephone call or email of the available shopping opportunities. Most of these offers come on a first come first serve basis, which is why you have to check your mails and calls regularly in order not to lose the chance to be given an assignment.

There are times when a mystery shopper is given a last minute assignment, you should be willing to accept this. Just like in any other field of work, professionalism is important to build a reputation. You have to accept even the worst assignment and treat them like they are as important as any other assignments. There is no room to be choosy in this field. Remember, first impression is lasting, that’s why you do not think of a “next time” to make that first impression. Be prepared and attentive, before going to the assigned shop, you have to understand every instruction given to you. Focus on what you are doing, there are times that you need to jot down data like the employees name or the products offered, so you have to do them with complete accuracy.

Mystery shopping companies are into high technology, they may require you to go online immediately while doing the shopping. You may also be asked to capture through photograph a particular product, an employee, a signage, the whole vicinity to check the cleanliness. You should be able to do what the company asks you to do, and in most case, they should be done discreetly. Do not underestimate the employees of the client you are assessing because some of them could found out that you are in for a mission. If this happens, the whole essence of assessing the employee and the client is compromised. Your report will not be accurate and will have no bearing at all.

Some assignments can be as simple as sitting in a parking lot of a restaurant for half an hour and document the drive-thru system, some can even take you to an out of town trip for a couple of weeks for free and document your day to day experience. Some might even ask you to hire a maid service and detail their work. The best assignments are usually given to dependable shoppers, that is why you should treat every assignment with utmost professionalism. You need to establish your character through your behavior in accepting assignments. If you have proven to the company that you are indeed dependable, then you can expect more assignments in the future.

You have to complete your assignment on time. If by any chance you will not be able to do the assignment, you have to inform the mystery shopping company right away to allow them to reassign or reschedule the assignment. After each visit, the shoppers then submits the data and information collected to the company which reviews and then analyze them to come up with a statistical analysis report. In this manner, the client company can compare the present state of their company against previous criteria. Going against these recommendations can land you a visit to a credit repair company.

If you want to be a mystery shopper and have understood the responsibilities of being one, then you can start looking for mystery shopping providers to register. Just be patient, even if you will not be given an assignment right away, maybe in the next few weeks, you will be. After registering with a provider, you can give them a call to confirm your dedication and intention. Just make sure that you maintain your composure and treat the company with professionalism, after all, you are starting to build an impression here. Another way to look for potential shopping opportunity is to check forums and message boards of online mystery shopping companies. You can get information here on what these providers are looking for. You may not have a career as mystery shopper, but the extra income, the free goods, the free trips and adventures are definitely a come-on.

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